The Football Hipsters Podcast 16/17: Week 30

Real & Juve are crowned Champions, Wolfsburg are in peril!!

The final Pod of the season… I know, Sad times, but don’t despair! The famous 4 are here!

Drew & Joel are back with Kris & John to discuss the dramatic closing of their Leagues!

Well, A small lie, John still has a week to go, but he waxes lyrical on Juve & their 6th title!

Joel has to speak through gritted teeth as Real Madrid reclaim the crown in LaLiga.

Drew dissects Wolfsburg’s collapse, Hamburg’s unreal resilience & Koln in Europe!

& of course Kris has France covered, including Lorient’s playoff! & a stunning Ligue2 climax!

We give a nod to Spartak & Anderlecht all be it briefly & then get stuck in to your questions!

So Keep Your Beard Strong & Your Glasses Trendy! Enjoy the show! & stay tuned at the end!

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