Robin Friday Hipster HOF – Robin Friday

rfThe inaugural Hipster Hall of Fame induction is now underway!  While the staff voted for many of the players who have made the cut, our listeners have also contributed quite a few footballers that made the grade. But it wouldn’t be “hipster” of us if we didn’t kick this off with perhaps the most hipster footballer to ever lace his boots and strut his stuff on the pitch – Robin Friday.

Born in the London suburb of Acton in 1952, the swashbuckling forward who just did not give a damn only managed a professional career that spanned four years with Reading and Cardiff City. While he did manage to win Player of the Year honors at Reading in both campaigns he featured in, Friday may as well have been a professional wrestler. With a disciplinary record that The Undertaker would be proud of as well as a lifestyle off the pitch that you only read about in an excerpt out of the Mick Jagger pamphlet for living life to the fullest, his career came to an end when he hung up his boots in 1977 at the age of 27.

His love of the drink and a deadly drug habit would end up taking his life in 1990, when he suffered a serious heart attack likely caused by his excessive drug use. Despite his short career, Robin Friday has been voted Reading’s best player in their history on numerous occasions, as well as being voted the all-time cult hero for both clubs he featured for professionally.

Many will remember him for the wrong reasons, but much like Paul Gascoigne, his bad habits have overshadowed his talent as a footballer. Yet still, despite the negatives, many will think back on him fondly for his ability on the ball, his intelligence on the pitch and his leadership qualities.

rf2Career Statistics

1974-1976 – Reading: 121 appearances/46 goals

1976-1977 – Cardiff City: 21 appearances/6 goals


Remember to check back in each Friday as we induct another great into the Robin Friday Hipster Hall of Fame. Thank you to Hipster Drew @AFCBvB1410 for this contribution.